Mission and values


Our mission is to promote, develop projects and initiatives of people involved in the protection of the aquatic environment.

The creation of a capital group of related companies, which, with joint involvement, will have a material impact on the improvement of the environment.


    We believe that passion for what you do is as important as skills and competences. Passion is energy, creative effort and activity that make what we realize every day have value for other people and the environment. Acting with passion, we oppose passivity, but we also feel satisfaction with what we do.


    We are not standing still. Every day we work together, develop and look for new solutions to implement our tasks and take care of the environment even more effectively. Development is a permanent element of our everyday lives. We make sure that the development of the individual is the strength of the development of the entire organization.


    For us, responsibility means seeing problems, feeling connected and able to influence change, problem solving and active action. We realize our responsibility both at the micro-organization level in which we operate and at the brand – activities for environmental protection.


    We understand partnership as willingness to cooperate, help and share with others. We believe that understanding and respect for different opinions and the ability to use this diversity is our strength to create new and innovative things.


    We believe that success requires hard work, courage and persistence – because everything is difficult before it becomes simple. We strive for purpose consistently and with determination, regardless of the difficulties we encounter.

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