Helping children


Wojciech Falkowski has been engaged in helping children for many years. Between 2000-2010, as Member of the Lions Club, he sponsored and actively participated in organizing different forms of support for hospitals, orphanages and day-care centers.


Between 2003-2004, he took over the presidency of the Club and, together with the authorities of Gdańsk, established “Dom NA Skraju”, a day-care center for poor children. After receiving an old garage from the local authorities, the Lions Club transformed it into a real day-care center with a toilet and a place to prepare something to eat. The initiative cost about PLN 100,000. And, it has turned out to be a very successful investment!


Lions is an organization which encourages understanding and compassion, meets humanitarian needs, serves communities through its volunteers, promotes social engagement and international cooperation. Every year, it organizes charity balls which are very popular in Pomerania. The funds raised during these benefits help support various foundations.

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