Wojciech Falkowski and Solidarity


Wojciech Falkowski was an activist of the underground Solidarity movement. His task was to print leaflets and promote Radio Solidarity in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. For more information, read the interview Link or the book “IRadio Solidarność w Trójmieście” by Maciej Pawlak.


Excerpt from the book:

“In October 1978, Wojciech Falkowski met Bogdan Borusewicz who, after 1980, offered him to cooperate on printing independent publications. He was trained how to use mimeograph machines and manual stencil machines. He was given a machine, paper and ink. “My printing house,” says Wojciech Falkowski, “was organized in the house which was at that time being built by my father at Sygietyńskiego 8 in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz. I remember that my high school buddies used to help me to do the job. I would receive ready stencils and give a specific number of copies to Bogdan. I did so until the Martial Law (…). Then, everything was like in the movies. I would drive up in front of different buildings with Rysiek Pusz, I would seat behind the steering wheel with the engine running, just to make sure we could escape from the militia at any time. Finally, we got to Oliwa at Sobolowa 3. There had been Piotr Kapczyński, the director of the Alternatywy printing house, and Zbyszek Nowek and Marek Wachnik, who studied at the University of Toruń. We started right away. They had a lot of paper and stencils in stock, but no printing machines. So I went with Rysiek to Sygietyńskiego Street to get a roller and ink. The first leaflets of the Martial Law were printed on December 13, 1981, with an old flannel shirt and a pane from the secretaire of Danka Zientarska thanks to our own efforts and the help of Danka’s daughters, Albina and Izabela. We scattered the leaflets at SKM Fast Urban Railway stations on Monday, December 14, between 6 and 7 a.m. when many people were rushing to work. The texts of the leaflets were arranged by Piotr, Zbyszek and Rysiek. Danka Zientarska would write the stencils while I, Albina, Iza, Wojtek Drozd and Bogdan Dziedziuszko (who joined us later) would print them. The leaflets carried the signature of Bogdan Borusewicz. Rysiek managed to reach him (and we knew he was also hiding out).


In the spring of 1982, I was asked to make radio broadcasts in Gdańsk. They showed me the first radio transmitter and the recorder, and told me how to use them. Bogdan would provide me with the cassettes with the recordings at prearranged places. At the beginning, I would broadcast programs myself together with Iza from our friends (at that time we were already a couple). It was mainly in the area of Żabianka, between the railway facilities and Grunwaldzka Street. The first program was also to teach the others how to make broadcasts so that they could do it themselves. I have very good memories of that period of the Martial Law. Uncompromisingness, openness, kindness, engagement, sharing and working in the name of the Truth. It brought me great satisfaction, and my wife, Iza.”

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