About the company

Ecol Sp. z o.o. was established on 16 December 1988 as P.U.H. EKOL by Wojciech Falkowski.  The company was founded out of the passion and energy of an individual, who finds persistent people and pure nature most precious. Today, after many years of work for the aquatic environment and investing business in the Pomerania, Ecol forms a group of companies associated with environmental protection. It deals with the promotion and development of projects and initiatives of people who feel responsible for the common good and become involved in taking care of the environment.

Group is composed of

Ecol-Unicon manufactures, sells and implements a wide range of water protection devices and facilities. It deals with the maintenance and operation of storm drain, sanitary and sewer systems, using the Bumerang intelligent management system. It represents the most recognized brand in the water management and sewage treatment industry.

Retencja.pl – a response to the needs of the society and industry in the area of retention. The company, launched as an interactive website for the exchange of practice and experience, has transformed into a provider of comprehensive solutions, both in terms of products, services and consultancy.

BIOPRO provides consulting services for atypical solutions for the sanitary sector. The company cooperate with the best experts and practices in Poland on biological wastewater treatment and neutralization of odors and toxic substances.